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CEO Honour Role: Wilfred Brown
Former CEO of Glacier Metals, a heavy manufacturing firm 

& long-time user of requisite concepts

Application of RO in Mining and Heavy manufacturing
A special page featuring the application of Requisite Organization to design

and manage in Mining and Heavy Manufacturing organizations

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February Blogs:

Who we are: our differences and what we hold in common
By Ken Shepard

Focusing more on values as a way of defining 
negative temperament in human capability
By Herb Koplowitz

Writing for Managers
By David Creelman

La aplicación de la OR en minería y manufactura pesada
By Harald Solaas

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News Items:

Warren Kinston announces new website
THEE:  the Taxonomy of Human Elements in Endeavour
Warren Kinston was recruited by Elliott Jaques to join BIOSS, was introduced

to the levels of work complexity and went on to use levels concepts to develop a values taxonomy that promises to be useful in diagnosis and implementation 
of requisite concepts

Report: GO Society Summit, October 22-25, 2010 in Toronto
at the BMO Institute for Learning

  • The GO Board and 25 of the Society's most senior practitioners met to explore the state of our field and to set priorities for future work.
  • Michelle Carter, Jan Ake Karlsson and Paul Juniper were elected to the Board. Thanks to Jack Fallow and Judy Hobrough for long years of board service. They now move to the GO Advisory Council.
  • Next GO World Conference is planned for Canada in late 2012 (either in Toronto or Calgary).
  • GO University will include face-to-face clinics, on-line learning, and mentoring -- with strong commitment by most senior practitioners to staff professional development programs
  • Increased focus on the manager's needs in the context of ever changing external environments
  • Recruitment of younger practitioners
  • Building active global networks for manager practitioners, academics and consultants
  • Support for practitioner writing for publication
  • Building private project collaborative work areas on the GO site for those signing Participation Agreements.

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Ken Shepard


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Toward an integrated theory of designing and managing organizations
based on the concepts of levels of work, levels of human capability,
accountability and other concepts by Wilfred Brown and Elliott Jaques.

Professional associations & universities that support and / or co-market society conferences

 New York City, USA

IBM International


The Argentine Human Resources Association

The European Organization Design Forum


Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Human Resource Professionals of Ontario

Human Resource Planning Society

An institute for advanced human resources professional development

An association of academics, business users and consultants headquartered at Aarhus University in Denmark

A USA based association

A Toronto-based association of advanced HR practitioners 


An Argentine Society for Quality Improvement


The Argentine Society for Training and Development

The Argentine Human Resources Association

Federation of Human Resource Associations in Latin America 

The Buenos Aires Technological Institute

An professional association for public service employees in Canada

Consulting firms that provide financial support


A management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada



Forrest and Company, Toronto, Canada


A global network of associate consultants headquartered in Toronto Canada



Toronto, Canada

















Toronto, Canada

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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