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International RO History Contributors
Ken Craddock - United States
Paul Holmström - Sweden
Maria Raquel Popovich - Esp - Argentina
Harald Solaas (deceased) - Argentina
Paul Tremlett - Canada

Success Story Contributors
Charlotte Bygrave
E. Forrest Christian
Steve Clement
Elliott Jaques
Nancy R. Lee
Glenn Mehltretter
April Taggart
Paul Tremlett
John Young

Book, Article & Thesis Contributors
Alan Bacon
Brian Beiles
David Billis
David M. Boals
Anders Borg
Wilfred Brown
John Bryan
Catherine Burke
Niels Busch-Jensen
Stephen Cang
Ken Craddock
Jerry Harvey
Luc Hoebeke
Edna Homa Hunt
T. Owen Jacobs
Elliott Jaques
Pablo Kanterewicz - Esp
Mariana Karesky
Janet Kelly
Herb Koplowitz
Sandra West King
Tarald O. Kvalseth
Harry Levinson
Ian Macdonald
Judith McMorland
Glenn Mehltretter
Euan Munro
John Øvretveit
Alan Pearson
Larry Phillips
Maria R. Popovich - Esp
Roy Martin Richards Jr.
Alexander Ross (deceased)
Sheila Rossan
Ralph Rowbottom
Sarah Smart
Daniel L. Smith
Harald Solaas (deceased)
Gillian P. Stamp
Judy Steed
Karl W. Stewart
Allen Sykes
April Taggart
Paul Tremlett
Mark Van Clieaf
Edward Waitzer
Grace A. Westcott
John Young

Video Interviewees
David Billis
Jack Brady
Sir Roderick Carnegie
Leigh Clifford
Jack Fallow
Peter Forrester
Judy Hobrough
Bill Jeffery
Mark Kaminski
Warren Kinston
Ian Macdonald
Art Mann
Rick Oppenheimer
Larry Phillips
Ralph Rowbottom
Allen Sykes
Paul Tremlett
Bob Tongate
Jos Wintermans

CEO Dinner Guests
Tom Baxter
Christine Croucher
Mark Cutifani
Tim Hart
Ruth Hubbard
Sean Jackson
Lisa Lechowicz
James Lopez
Jim Maranda
Robert Pearce
W. Joseph Privott
Thad Simons
Larry Tapp (deceased)
George Weber
Jos Wintermans

Professional associations & universities that support and / or co-market society conferences

Remove this one and put conference board logo here


IBM International


The Argentine Human Resources Association

The European Organization Design Forum


Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Human Resource Professionals of Ontario

Human Resource Planning Society

An institute for advanced human resources professional development





An association of academics, business users and consultants headquartered at Aarhus University in Denmark

A USA based association (I put a higher quality logo in the folder)

A Toronto-based association of advanced HR practitioners 


An Argentine Society for Quality Improvement


The Argentine Society for Training and Development

The Argentine Human Resources Association

Federation of Human Resource Associations in Latin America 

The Buenos Aires Technological Institute

An professional association for public service employees in Canada

Consulting firms that provide financial support


A management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada



Forrest and Company, Toronto, Canada


A global network of associate consultants headquartered in Toronto Canada



Toronto, Canada

















Toronto, Canada

Buenos Aires, Argentina.