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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 15:45

Introducción a la Organización Requerida en español

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Since 2004, the Global Organization Design Society has undertaken the mission to document the world experience the design and conduct of organizations based on the concepts of Elliott Jaques and Wilfred Brown. Part of this effort is to generate resources for the Spanish-speaking world, such as articles, books and video recordings. A major milestone in this action was the realization of our World Congress, held in Buenos Aires in October 2009. On this occasion, I invite interested persons to have clearer ideas about the body of theory and practice of the Requested Organization make use of a selection of resources in Castilian. In the next edition of this blog we will focus on guidance to approach the issue of human capacity as Elliott Jaques.

Materials available on the website of Global Organization Design Society:

Herb Koplowitz and Ken Craddock, two active partners of our partnership, identify the most common questions that often make those who approach the theory of Requisite Organization, and develop clear and compelling answers.

Academic Jerry Harvey, with his usual style that combines the depth of analysis with the use of humor, marks the uniqueness of Requisite Organization theory and runs on the broad scope of its actual and potential applications.

Brief article written in 2007, which summarizes my best attempt to present the essential aspects of the theory of Requisite Organization, which are not easy to identify in the first approximation. I use it as a pre-reading training in this theory.

Published books currently available:

  • The practice of managerial leadership , By Nancy Lee.

Dr.. Nancy Lee, consultant extensive experience in implementing large projects Requisite Organization, Elliott Jaques direct collaborator for many years and a member of our board, has written this book summarizes the field of Requisite Organization in a manner highly teaching and intelligible. It also presents the chronicle of two application cases in enterprises.

  • The organization required , by Elliott Jaques.

This book was published by Jossey-Bass, Buenos Aires. The second edition was published in 2004, The Spanish version was reviewed and approved by a group of Argentine consultants who worked closely with Elliott Jaques. This work, aimed specifically at senior executives, represents the most comprehensive and application oriented that has occurred on Requisite Organization presentation.

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