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Thursday, 30 October 2014 14:33

Perhaps Requisite Organization is going viral under the radar! Featured

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The Global Organization Design Society’s response to a blog post by Forrest Christian:

Perhaps Requisite Organization is going viral under the radar!

With similar concerns as you, Forrest, just after Elliott Jaques’ memorial service in 2003, a group of senior practitioners formed the Global Organization Design Society in an effort to prevent Requisite Organization (RO), a powerful, total system model for organizational effectiveness, from dying with its creator.

Since that time, our efforts have been steadfast. The Society has:

  • Hosted bi-annual world conferences with presenters granting permission for Society use of all materials for educational purposes.
  • Built a collaborative, cooperative culture with many joint ventures, and generous sharing of intellectual property by consultants and companies world-wide.
  • Created a rich web-site with an extensive collection of videos of CEO interviews and presentations, books and articles.
  • Developed a professional development program including E-learning and workshops.
  • Awarded scholarships to our professional development program and conferences for academics, doctoral students, and senior managers in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Published a multi-author book documenting RO use around the world: Organization Design – Levels of Work Complexity and Human Capability. (Free download after registering)
  • Assembled the Fifth Edition of Ken Craddock’s Requisite Organization Annotated Bibliography – 1800 pages – which has stimulated a resurgence of related research

How many practitioners have we developed? — a guestimate!

  • GO Society affiliated consultants have mentored younger associates in their small firms and trained thousands of managers in their client systems.
  • Requisite Organization International Institute affiliated consultants have done the same.
  • The Levinson Institute, the educational component ofLevinson&Co., has trained thousands of executives, managers, and consultants in its five-day workshops since 1968.
  • Bioss, a global consulting firm using levels of work complexity, has a network of 300 plus practitioners training both its new consultants and managers in its client systems.
  • The Tata Group since 2000 has used work levels in its talent pool management across its over 100 operating companies comprising over 450,000 employees in over 80 countries. Tata Strategic Management Group (consultants) uses work levels in its consulting for Tata companies and for its non-Tata clients throughout the world.
  • Requisite Organization is taught in 26 university courses in Buenos Aires.
  • Please record your own efforts to train new Requisite Organization practitioners and your ideas for what the society should do.

How many organizations benefit from Requisite Organization?

We see only the tip of the iceberg of RO use and when we gather the evidence in one place, we are surprised that that “tip” is far larger than most of us would have believed.

The society’s list now includes 122 organizations that have gone public about their use of these methods. Please add others you know about. We invite the Requisite Organization International Institute, Bioss, and Tata Consultancy Services to publish the names of client organizations who have gone public about their RO use.

In the unseen base of the iceberg, we know that many organizations consider their use of Requisite Organization proprietary and others may not be aware of the methods used by their consultants.

Also unseen, RO concepts live unrecognized in the common acceptance of the five-level business unit and in broad-banded compensation systems throughout the Fortune 100 and many other organizations in many countries.

We believe Requisite Organization is alive and well. Will RO die? Not if we can help it!


Ken Shepard Ph.D.
Global Organization Design Society
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thanks to Forrest Christian of Manasclerk Company for permitting the society to republish this blog that I had written for Forrest's blog.

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