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Tuesday, 01 June 2010 23:37

Let's organize around our interests and questions

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Help us to help you!
Log in and update your profile to indicate your interests so we can serve you.

We've been collecting requisite organization-related materials on our web site for seven years.  

Colleagues have said,"We've got a mass of material here.  It's overwhelming!   Point out the best and the newest.  Help us find what we need."

In answer to these exhortations, we are going to help in several ways:

  • Each month we'll send you a newsletter recommending a few of the best and some of the newest resources on the site...providing convenient links for you to click on.
  • Follow us on Twitter and we will notify you immediately when new materials are posted.

Action: 1) Go to and create your own free Twitter account. 2) Then sign up to follow "gosociety".

  • We are proceeding to put tag words on our resources so that they will pop up when you put your key words in our site search engine.
  • If you will tell us more about your interests by updating your account profile on the site,  we will design special pages around your interests. We will also send special emails to notify you about new resources related to your particular interests.

Action: 1) Create a new account at: or, log in to your account and then update your profile at:

So log in to your account now.  The place to do it is in the upper right hand corner of each page.  If you've forgotten your password, click for a reminder.  

Once you are logged in, then find below your log in in the right hand column a place to create/edit your profile.  Click "edit", then click "update your profile".  You will see several tabs.  Update your contact information, registration info indicating your interests, and your biography.

Then click update.

Thanks for helping us to organize to help you!

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 New York City, USA

IBM International


The Argentine Human Resources Association

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Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Human Resource Professionals of Ontario

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An institute for advanced human resources professional development

An association of academics, business users and consultants headquartered at Aarhus University in Denmark

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A Toronto-based association of advanced HR practitioners 


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The Argentine Human Resources Association

Federation of Human Resource Associations in Latin America 

The Buenos Aires Technological Institute

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Toronto, Canada

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