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Books by Organization Design Practitioners Using Levels of Work Complexity & Human Capability

 Click on book cover images to find detailed information on the book and how to obtain it.


 Organization Design, Levels of Work and Human Capability: Executive Guide


Requisite Organization:
A Total System for Effective Managerial Organization and Managerial Leadership for the 21st Century











NEW Optimizing Organization Design
A Proven Approach to Enhance Financial Performance, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement 


NEW How Dare You Manage?
Seven Principles to Close the CEO Skill Gap



NEW It's All About Work

Organizing Your Company to Get Work Done



NEW  Organisational design: 
What Your University Forgot To Tell You.


NEW Hiring Talent
Decoding Levels of Work In the Behavioral Interview


 NEW Systems Leadership
Creating Positive Organization


7 Paths to Managerial Leadership





The Practice of Managerial Leadership 2nd edition


Social Power and the CEO
Leadership and Trust in a Sustainable Free Enterprise System 


Accountability Leadership
How to Strengthen Productivity Through Sound Managerial Leadership


Organisational Design: The Work Levels Approach


Exploration in Management


A General Theory of Bureaucracy


Glacier Project Papers

Hospital Organization:
A Progress Report on the Brunel Health Services Organization Project


Social Analysis:
A Collaborative method of gaining usable scientific knowledge of social institutions


Social Services Departments:
Developing Patterns of Work and Organization


Free Enterprise, Fair Employment 

Measurement of Responsibility 
A study of Work, Payment and Individual Capacity


Creativity and Work
Emotions and Behavior Monographs


Welfare Bureaucracies
Their design and change in response to social problems


Leading People

The 10 Things Successful Managers Know and Do 


Levels of Excellence 
A Management Novel 


The Healthy Organization 
A Revolutionary Approach to People and Management 


Intelligent Leadership


Strategic Leadership
A Multiorganizational Level Perspective

The Strategy Paradox
Why Committing to Success Leads to Failure (and What To Do About it)


The Life and Behaviour of Living Organisms 
A General Theory 


The Leadership Pipeline
How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company 


How Come Every Time I Get Stabbed in the Back My Fingerprints Are On The Knife?
And the Other Meditations on Management 


Human Capability




Equitable Payment


Fair Pay and Work


Levels of Abstraction In Logic and Human Action








The Form of Time


 NEW! Finding Our Way
From the Past to the Present In Personal Growth


   Stepping Through Transitions: Management, leadership and governance in not-for-profit organisations.
By: Judith McMorland
   Strengthening the Management Culture







Working with Values: Software of the Mind

Download from Authors' site


Executive Leadership
A Practical Guide to Managing Complexity


It's About Time: Creating Sustainable organizations that Promote Trust -Inducing Behaviour

   The Future Is Imagined 


The Practice of Managerial Leadership



Professional associations & universities that support and / or co-market society conferences

 New York City, USA

IBM International


The Argentine Human Resources Association

The European Organization Design Forum


Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Human Resource Professionals of Ontario

Human Resource Planning Society

An institute for advanced human resources professional development

An association of academics, business users and consultants headquartered at Aarhus University in Denmark

A USA based association

A Toronto-based association of advanced HR practitioners 


An Argentine Society for Quality Improvement


The Argentine Society for Training and Development

The Argentine Human Resources Association

Federation of Human Resource Associations in Latin America 

The Buenos Aires Technological Institute

An professional association for public service employees in Canada

Consulting firms that provide financial support


A management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada



Forrest and Company, Toronto, Canada


A global network of associate consultants headquartered in Toronto Canada



Toronto, Canada

















Toronto, Canada

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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