Calculating Loss of Opportunity for Career Advancement

Exploring Levels of Work in organizations

From The Advocates' Quarterly - A Canadian Journal for Practitioners of Civil Litigation, Vol 4 No 3, Oct/1983


Assessing loss of future earnings in a personal injury action has been called an exercise in "crystal-ball gazing."

The attempt to read the future of an individual is necessarily speculative and, for this reason, has posed difficulties in assessment for judges and advocates alike. This is particularly the case where the plaintiff, though seriously injured, has been able to return to work but with the recognition that his injuries have affected his career opportunities...

A novel, comprehensive and sophisticated technique of computing such loss of future earnings due to loss of opportunity for career advancement has recently been introduced in the Supreme Court of Ontario and it is this technique that is the subject of this article...

[PK/Webmaster Note - this 1983 application piece openly incorporates: Elliott Jaques and "Earnings Progression Curves"/"time span of discretion" concepts, acknowledgment of Wilfred Brown works (e.g. Exploration in Management & Piecework Abandoned), etc. Describes a bench-mark used in Ontario civil litigation decisions.]


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