Exploration in Management

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Originally published: 1960 by Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, London, UK
ISBN 0 435 85100 4

The CEO of Glacier Metal speaks on structure, policy, communication, the executive system, and the sources of managerial authority, presenting us with a description of the Glacier Metal Company's concepts and methods of organization and management.

This is a practical analysis of the central problems of management - a theory of efficient organization which embraces structure, technique and human relations.

Brown favoured a representative structure of joint consultation works councils to keep vertical channels open.

"Book Review of Exploration in Management by Wilfred Brown" by Robert Dubin, in Administrative Science Quarterly, Ithaca, NY, Dec.1961, 6(3):375.
The book focuses on organization structure, policy, communications, specialization, hierarchical differentiation, and sources of managerial authority. Rules and regulations free the individual to use initiative was an old generalization of sociology and anthropology. The parts on governance parallel Barnard. "The practical executive will benefit from the insights." This book will be an influence over time.
Review Source/Critique: Ken Craddock's annotated RO Bibliography


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