Making Work Systems Better - A Practitioner's Reflections

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Luc Hoebeke uses Requisite concepts, along with those of Stafford Beer and Peter Checkland, in developing his own consulting framework. He offers a framework to recognize the dynamics of successful organizations and to improve performance. Time-Span of Discretion (TSD) is used to focus on the task related issues of work systems and information overload.

He links the strata to develop four overlapping domains: Added-Value (1 day to 2 years), Innovation (1 to 10 years), Value-Systems (5 to 50 years), and the Spiritual (over 20 years).

Hoebeke develops a typology of human activities which reveals boundaries relevant to practical interventions in work-systems. The ability to think analytically and holistically and to find novel solutions lies at the core of the successful leader and manager.

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