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Members One of Another - The Deanery in Synodical Government

Document Info:
This Ph.D. Dissertation is presented in PDF format and is downloadable as 5 PDF files:

Abstract - 55KB (2 pages),
Part1 - 4.3MB (100 pages),
Part2 - 3.9MB (99 pages),
Part3 - 3.4MB (74 pages), and
Part4 - 3.4MB (83 pages) in size respectively .

Dissertation: 1981, Ph.D., Dept. of Sociology, Brunel University, UK

The relationship between the Church of England as a community of believers and as a formal organization was explored. The introduction of Synodical Government in 1970 highlighted this problem by giving a new role to the deaneries.

This study examined the application of Jaques' theory to a Church of England deanery.

The Church of England is not an executive hierarchy. An new institutional model is proposed incorporating five different configurations of the relationship between the fellowship and the order necessary for the preservation of the Church.