Some Results From One Company, Chapter 17 from Social Power and the CEO

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According to Jaques, everyone's ideas about human nature at work are clouded by serious, invasive misconceptions that have continually fueled the development of ill-advised managerial leadership systems. Drawing on more than 50 years of thought, observation, analysis, and experimentation, Social Power and the CEO demonstrates that these shortcomings are not the result of CEO ineffectiveness as many believe, but flow from unclear concepts of managerial accountability and authority; no concepts of vertical or lateral organizational structure; dysfunctional processes for the selection and development of talent, for performance appraisal and merit review, and task assignment; and "Troublemaking" compensation systems.

Thus, the work is offered to CEOs, the senior executives who advise them, HR specialists, academics, students, and consultants to demonstrate how Jaque's unique systems of managerial leadership and organization can grow well-organized and effectively led managerial hierarchies that contribute to an economically secure nation and a life of fulfillment for all employees.


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