Strengthening the Management Culture - Phasing the Transformation of Organizations

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Originally published: 1994 by The SIGMA Centre, London, UK
ISBN 1 874 72601 9


My thoughts on management cultures and their improvement are in continual development. But two pressures prompted me to consolidate what understanding I have and publish now.

The first came from my clients who wanted something more substantial than the diagrams, handouts and verbal explanations provided during my ethical design consultations and seminars. Attempting to use ideas as written does more to embarass the author and hasten their refinement than anything else I know.

The second came from my involvement as a Fellow in the current RSA Inquiry Tomorrow's Company: The Role of Business in a Changing World.

Public discussions show a trend to 'systems thinking' and affirm the view that companies should connect more with wider society. It is timely to suggest just what this aspiration entails for managers and business leaders.

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