Stronger Nursing Organization - A Working Paper for General Managers & Nursing Managers

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Originally published: 1987 by Health Service Centre at Brunel University for The SIGMA Centre, London, UK
ISBN 0 902 21577 9

This Working Paper was one of a series on various topics published by the Brunel Institute of Organization and Social Studies (BIOSS) between about 1970 and 1990.

The Aim of the Working Papers was to summarize the findings of various field-projects and working conferences in a form which may be most useful to those involved in the NHS (National Health Services.) Each aimed to analyse present problems and needs in the area of concern, and to provide concepts and general organizational and procedural models that may best help to deal with them. We found that only by careful analysis and definition of basic terms and ideas can genuine progress be made in understanding organizational issues and improving management. With further experience discussion and testing, it is assumed that revision and expansion of some of the formulations will become necessary–hence the deliberate choice of title 'Working Paper'.

Since 1987, aspects of nursing organization, especially in the community, have been further developed, and the context has been changed by the 1989 NHS reforms. However, the substance of the paper remains solid, having been tested in many more projects. No revisions have therefore been made.

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