Structure Is Not Enough: Systems Are the Drivers of Organizational Behavior and Culture

By Catherine G. Burke, Ian Macdonald, Karl Stewart

  • Conzinc Rio Tinto of Australia (CRA), a 25,000-employee Australian mining and refining company, worked more than ten years to improve its competitiveness through the implementation of RO.
  • After early systems design failures due to poor setting of managerial accountabilities and authorities, the authors describe improving their principles and practices to design and implement a successful transformation of a CRA business unit, New Zealand Aluminium Smelter, with large improvements in productivity, profitability, and
    worker satisfaction.
  • A key principle is that the design of systems, including their foundational values, the values that employees perceive imbedded in them, and the design of system controls and audit, is a high-level task requiring a minimum of stratum IV capability.


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