Wilfred Brown and Elliott Jaques: An Appreciation of a Remarkable Partnership

Nearly 60 years ago, revolutionary management ideas began to emerge in postwar Britain. Fortune and chance brought two brilliant and extraordinarily different men together for a long and fruitful collaboration. Wilfred Brown and Elliott Jaques worked together in one of the longest social experiments in the history of the world at Glacier Metals Company, and then Brown sponsored Jaques in interdisciplinary social analytical research at Brunel University and in the diffusion of the ideas throughout the UK and the world. Our author, Alistair Mant, knew both Wilfred Brown and Elliott Jaques and through his experience at the Tavistock Institute and as a management consultant gives us a rare perspective on the values these men held, their personalities, and the nature and meaning of their exploratory work that has emerged over the years as a major new management paradigm. Mant’s article “Wilfred Brown and Elliott Jaques: An Appreciation of a Remarkable Partnership” is particularly important in that the number of individuals who worked with Jaques and Brown when they were together at Glacier is unfortunately diminishing.


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