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Conference presentation slides and most videos are available now


Designing the Smarter Organization

July 31, 2014 to August 5, 2014

Dolce (IBM) Conference Center,

Palisades, New York 


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Thursday, July 31 to Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thursday evening
through Saturday 

Organization Design
Clinic #1  

Video and slides will be available by December 2014
by subscription


 Requisite Leadership Framework
Clinic #2

Video and slides will be available by December 2014
by subscription



Sunday, August 3, 2014

8:00 am to

9:15 am

  Welcome, announcements and opening remarks - Ken Shepard  

  Keynote:   Requisite Organization:  High-level Overview - Gerry Kraines, MD.

9:30 am to

4:00 pm

Organization Design:   Integrating the Evolving Differentiation
Concurrent workshop #1
Moderator:  Ken Shepard

Integration and Differentiation with Big Data as a theme – a plan for bringing RO concepts to design smarter organizations  – Ken Shepard

Level 5 CIO's by Janne J. Korhonen -- (Click to see video and download slides)

Levels of work complexity in information technology
Paul Tremlett, Peter Aiken, and Richard Connelly

New methods for designing cross-functional and external relationships in the matrices and new networks. 
Ron Capelle – RO insights in redesigning for in-sourcing and outsourcing relationships. 
Herb Koplowitz – X-organizational relationships

New insights in defining cross functional relationships – Gerry Kraines

Why improvements fail, and what we can learn from bees by Ben Haigh and Ben Farrell -- (Click to see video and download slides)

Data mining – extracting work levels from SAP and Oracle  - Otto Pretorius



Requisite Organization for Entrepreneurial Organizations
Concurrent workshop #2

Moderator:  Don Fowke
Facilitators: Kate Erickson, Sandi Cardillo, Bonnie Fowke

Adizes Lifecycle:  Stages of the Entrepreneurial Stages - Shoham Adizes:

Servant leadership:  building a culture of trust – Nick Foster

Voices of experience - 
Joshua Fowke 
Implications of Complexity on Success by Andrew Ford -- (Click to see video and download slides) 

Voices of experience: Jason Tratch

What are we learning so far?  Don Fowke


Voices of experience - Adam Thomson, Ulf Lindberg, and Azucena Gorbaran

What are we learning so far?  - Don Fowke


Themes: Appealing to Investors - Don Fowke and Ulf Lindberg

Servant Leadership: Trust and mutual respect in the entrepreneurial organization – Nick Foster

Wrap-up Panel

7:30 to

9:00 pm

Opening:  A business model for sustainable human and financial capital based on principles of matched maturities.  - a short video giving a systems view of requisite organization by Don Fowke


Welcome by our conference sponsors:

Novus: Upshifting to Build an Innovative, Growing Business Over 25 years:  Observations and Lessons - Thad Simons, Board President, IFAMA, International Food and     Agriculture Management Association, and former CEO, Novus International

IBM:  Big Data and IBM’s Interest in Organization Design – Steven Miller, Data Maestro

Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award to Kenneth Craddock

Engaging in dialogue about our conference theme:  Designing the Smarter Organization  - The concept of up-shifting at the functional, organizational, industrial competitive structure, and societal level.

Greetings from BIOSS International - Robbie Stamp

Keynote:     Talent Upshift by Don Fowke,  GO Society Chairman -- (Click to see video and prezi)



Monday, August 4, 2014

8:30 am to

10:30 am



Good morning and announcements

Levels of Work in Organization Development: The UK National Health Service -  Use of work-levels design and management wins awards in the UK National Health Service. 

Levels of work in hospital organization development:  A 10 min. video with John Watkinson, former CEO of first ranked NHS Hospital in UK interviewed 
by Warren Kinston

20 Year Journey Using Requisite Organization in three organizations: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Canadian Dental Association; and Royal Ottawa Health Care Group
George Weber, President & CEO, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, and former chief executive of the other two organizations.
Ron Capelle, Senior Fellow of the Society 

Insights from an RO-driven Business Turnaround at Malinckrodt Baker by Ron Harding, CEO, PhytoPharmacon Inc., former CEO at Malinckrodt Baker
(Click to see video and download slides)


10:50 am to

12:30 pm


Reforming Yarra Trams:  Redesign of a large public transit agency - Clement Michel, CEO, Yarra Trams   (Click to see video and download slides)

The Road Ahead: Organization Development at RAA by Ian Stone, MD, South Australian Automobile Association -- (Click to see video and download slides)


2:00 pm to


3:30 pm


Using “Systems Leadership” Models to Build a Company by Fred Stanford, CEO, and Anne Stephen, VPHR, Torex Gold -- (Click to see video and download slides)

Leading Sustainable Growth in a Mining Services Company:  Organizational transformation, upshifting from stratum IV to V by  Tommy Muhvic, CMO;  EXSA


3:50 pm to

5:00 pm


Pariveda Solutions: Not Your Usual Requisite Organization! by Bruce Ballengee, CEO; Kerry Stover, COO, Pariveda Solutions, and Gerry Kraines, Senior Fellow of the Society -- (Click to see video and download) 


7:15 to

8:45 pm


Personal dimensions of organization redesign leadership:  
Moderator:  George Weber

This session had no video or slides

An informal session of reflection and insights about learning to change one’s own
behavior, courage in working with the senior team and personal efforts in
changing the operating culture.  Host:  George Weber


Demonstration of a comprehensive RO-based software:  Sonario
Gerry Kraines

This session had no video or slides





 Tuesday, August 5, 2014 

8:00 am to

9:00 am


Good morning and announcements

Keynote:   Optimizing Organization Design by Ron Capelle -- (Click to see video and download slides)  

In his keynote address, Dr. Ron Capelle discusses Optimizing Organization Design. This approach is based on over 100 large scale projects and 24 research studies that have been completed over the past 25 years. They show that this approach leads to better employee satisfaction, client satisfaction and employee performance. Ron presents some of the key features of this approach, including comprehensive assessment and implementation methods and the use of benchmarking databases.



Concurrent session #1

Concession session #2

Concurrent session #3

9:15 am to

10:00 am


City of Playford - Transitioning a Local Government Authority from Level IV to Level V
Sam Green, General Manager City Services and Adam Thompson, consultant -- (Click for video and slides)


An Organizational Progression
Zandy Reinshagen, COO, San Antonio Credit Union, formerly CIO SACU


 No program scheduled


10:15 am to

11:45 am


How Human Resources Creates Value for the Business: Strategic Links to Requisite Organization

Felt-Fair Pay and Sustainable Capitalism: Don Fowke

How Human Resources Creates Value for the Business: Strategic Links to Requisite Organization - Sandi Cardillo and Kate Erickson

Upshifting the HR Function by Paul Tremlett -- (Click to see videos and download slides)

HR Business Leadership: Anne Stephen, VP HR Torex Gold

How Human Resources creates value for the organisation- Robert Anderson, Director, Human Resources and Organisational Effectiveness, Keolis Downer




How can Requisite Organization help companies grow sustainably in emerging markets by Azucena Gorbaran - (Click to see video and download slides)

Restructuring of the Swedish Police & the Probation Service by Ulf Lindberg -- (Click to see video and download slides)


Requisite Organization in Non-profit organizations

Moderator:  Verena Maclean

Overview of GO Society work thus far with non-profits:  Ken Shepard

Research on RO in Non-profits and comments on accountability:  Ken Craddock

Working with Corporate Clients to assist Not for Profits by Andrew Olivier -- (Click to see video and download slides) 

12:45 pm to

2:15 pm


Approaches to assessment - moderated by Michelle Malay Carter

Talent Management Challenge by Cecilia Cortina -- (Click to see video and download slides)

Assessing capability using Mentor® as a tool by Erin Burns and Michael Friedman -- (Click for video and slides)

Varieties of Assessment Experience by Marcos Bruno -- (Click to see video and download slides)



Differentiate Your Consulting Solutions
by Leveraging Your Client’s Hidden Enablers:

Add Requisite Tools to Your Consulting Practice by Herb Koplowitz and Don Fowke (Click for presentation notes

- Your firm’s internal structure and management
- Staffing projects
- Marketing - sales cycles - Finders, Minders and Grinders


Software to support effective RO work moderated by Jan Ake Karlsson

Using simple, agile applications to support managerial practices by Barry Deane and Sheila Deane -- (Click to see video and download slides)

Consultant support software - Jan-Åke Karlsson -- (Click for video and slides)

Sonario a multidimensional consultant/client support software - Gerry Kraines  (Click for video and slides)

2:30 pm to

3:30 pm


Talent Pool Management 

Valuing Requisite Design and Talent Pool Strength by Glenn Mehltretter 

SAB Miller: Talent Pool Management System 
Fred Toerien




Otto Pretorius, Peter Aiken, Richard Connelly, & Lynn Jeffrey



No program scheduled 

3:30 pm to


4:15 pm


Closing Plenary

Taking stock and moving forward 
Ken Shepard, Sheila Deane, Paul Juniper, Jerry Luftman, Don Fowke




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IBM International


The Argentine Human Resources Association

The European Organization Design Forum


Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Human Resource Professionals of Ontario

Human Resource Planning Society

An institute for advanced human resources professional development

An association of academics, business users and consultants headquartered at Aarhus University in Denmark

A USA based association

A Toronto-based association of advanced HR practitioners 


An Argentine Society for Quality Improvement


The Argentine Society for Training and Development

The Argentine Human Resources Association

Federation of Human Resource Associations in Latin America 

The Buenos Aires Technological Institute

An professional association for public service employees in Canada

Consulting firms that provide financial support


A management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada



Forrest and Company, Toronto, Canada


A global network of associate consultants headquartered in Toronto Canada



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