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Learn to design and manage effective organizations using an elegant, practical, science-based, trust-inducing approach based on accountability, levels of work complexity and human capability

The program includes a year-long subscription to on-line e-learning modules, videos, and readings. Participants learn from each other and from the Society's Senior Fellows, all experienced senior practitioners, who moderate the on-line forums and teleconferences VIEW MORE


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In Accountability Leadership, Gerald Kraines presents a radical and revisionist point of view in support of hierarchy and accountability as tools to boost organizational productivity. In his work consulting for major corporations throughout the country, Gerald Kraines consistently hears that 60% to 70% of any organization's potential effectiveness goes unrealized. If everyone in the organization were doing exactly what they were suppose to do and did so at full potential, imagine how much more effective companies could be!



M.A., M.P.A.,
GO Society Senior Fellow and Editorial Board
GO Society Internation Advisor

The Society celebrates the lifetime achievement award presented to Kenneth Craddock for his contribution to organization design and use of requisite organization.

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