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George Reilly (deceased)
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George Reilly has been applying Requisite Organization principles in work with both individuals and organizations for the past thirty years. As an in-house psychologist with a major mining and smelting company in the 1970's, he came across and verified Elliott Jaques ideas for himself. Considering them to be years ahead of their time for explicit acceptance within the company, George left to establish a Psychotherapy and Counselling in Trail, B.C., Canada. Over the next twenty-five years, George provided a wide range of psychological services to the Kootenay Region of B.C. These included employee assistance services, consultations with institutions of various sorts, psychological services to the courts, child and family counselling, and extensive psychotherapy with both children and adults. Throughout all of his varied psychological services provisions, the principles of S.S.T. and R.O. played a major role, clarifying both personal and family dynamics, as well as the various institutional problems George has successfully worked with.

George's understanding of Requisite Organization was deepened through personal study with Elliott Jaques during the 1990's, under the auspices of the Toronto Jaques' User Group.

George has recently shifted from his broad psychological work to devote full time to developing a practice of Personal and Organization Growth. For family reasons, he and his wife, Marion, have re-located from British Columbia to the Ottawa Valley region of Ontario, Canada.

Degrees and cert
  • B.A. - Psychology & Sociology - Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1962
  • M.A. - Clinical Psychologyy - University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1969
  • Diploma - Clinical Psychology - Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada 1971

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