How to find a consultant

Most successful organization design projects based on requisite organization principles have benefited from a change project team composed of:

  • a CEO sponsor,
  • an internal project champion / consultant and
  • an external consultant experienced in designing and implementing requisite organization - based projects.

So if you are a CEO or general manager exploring how to proceed with design work, here are a few tips on how to Identify and retain an RO-experienced consultant who is the best-fit for your organization.

  • Scan the organization design book available on this site for companies and projects in your own industry or similar to what you are thinking of doing -- and call the sponsoring general manager for a recommendation.
  • Scan the affiliate profiles on this web.  Many of the senior consultants in the field are listed there with a short bio and link to their firm's web site.
  • Interview several consultants to see if there is a good fit with your companies needs, values, and your preferred approach.
  • Check their references carefully.
  • Or, you may email the GO Society offices to arrange a call and we will provide you with the names of three consulting firms that fit your request - either by geography, sector experience, or other criteria.

Companies that provide financial support

Anne Stephen, VP HR Torex Gold Resources Inc.

Consulting firms that provide financial support

A management consulting firm in Toronto
Terra Firma Consulting
Forrest and Company
AMG Consulting
Enhancer Consulting
The Working Journey
Quintave Consulting