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Stephen D. Clement
Organizational Design, Inc. (ODI)

Dr. Stephen D. Clement is founder and President of Organizational Design, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. He is the co-author with Elliott Jaques of Executive Leadership, A Practical Guide to Managing Complexity (1991), in which he discusses leadership development and its effects on the design of organizations. As a consultant to industry, Dr. Clement specializes in the application of basic design principles to the organization of work including key work related processes, and the underlying leadership and management skills required to perform such work effectively.

Organizational Design, Inc., was founded in 1985 to assist executives in enhancing the profitability and productivity of their respective organizations. The firm holds the belief that building a competitive edge requires that the company establish a requisite organizational structure, define clear roles, assign competent people to roles and establish clear working relationships.

Dr. Clement's career as an organizational and leadership expert began at the United States Military Academy. At U.S.M.A., Dr. Clement taught courses on leadership and was Director of Research in the Leadership Department. Throughout a distinguished military career, Dr. Clement designed and developed the Army's current leadership and human resource development program.

Dr. Clement also has applied his knowledge and experience to international organizations. He has assisted executives in designing and developing their internal structures to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. He has designed executive level leadership and management development programs and has lectured and consulted throughout the world.

Degrees and cert
  • B.S. - Engineering - The United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, United States 1965
  • M.S. - Industrial Relations - Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, United States 1971
  • Ph.D. - Organizational Communications - Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, United States 1973
GO Society Roles
  • Internation Advisor - United States (2005-present)

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