Social Analysis - A Collaborative Method of Gaining Usable Scientific Knowledge of Social Institutions

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Originally published: 1997 by Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, London, UK
ISBN 0 435 82772 3 / 0 435 82773 1

'Social Analysis' was the name which Elliot Jaques gave to the method of work which he developed in the Glacier Project from 1948 onwards, as he shifted from a focus on psychological aspects (as in 'psychoanalysis') to truly social ones.

Social Analysis describes at length the method as it had evolved by the late 1970's in project work at the Brunel Institute of Organization and Social Studies (BIOSS).

The book includes an overview of the various activities over this thirty year period - already one of the largest sequences of action research ever undertaken.

It defines the essential nature of the method as one devoted to (1) gaining scientific understanding of, and thereby (2) facilitating enacted change in (3) social institutions, through (4) collaborative exploration by those actors immediately concerned in their working, and an independent analyst. Each of these aspects is then explored at length with much case-study material. Each is linked to broader social, methodological, and philosophical issues.

Additionally, practical procedures are explored in detail, specimen reports to clients are provided, and a full, annotated, bibliography of the main social-analytic publications over the period concerned is added.

The book will be of specific interest to all those concerned with organizational research or change programmes, to staff of business schools and social administration departments, and more generally, to all sociologists, social psychologists, and other students of method in the social sciences.

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