How Do I Get Inspired at Novus

Jeremy Lugen has been working in public relations at Novus International for a little over two years. The management system at Novus is very different from his previous employers. He has had to learn to delegate more, which has helped prevent burnout. The inspiration from his managers Geo and Tricia is something he hasn't experienced since college. He attributes the management system at Novus for his continued inspiration and lack of burnout, even though he works long hours. The role levels prevent expanding too far above your role which helps prevent burnout. Jeremy doesn't think he'll ever surpass Geo or Tricia in capacity or workload because they are so amazing. Their personalities inspire him to want to achieve more.

Jeremy Lutgen My name is Jeremy Lutgen. I am in charge of the public relations for Novus International, have been with Novus for a little over two years now. Did this management system is a lot differ..

Jeremy Lutgen My name is Jeremy Lutgen. I am in charge of the public relations for Novus International, have been with Novus for a little over two years now. Did this management system is a lot different than anything I've been exposed to previously. 

I have had to learn how to delegate, which is something that I'm still learning. I am learning every day how to allow my sors to grow. And it's been an interesting process, to say the least. 

There's a couple of things about the system that stand out to me. Number one, in my previous positions, I've risen so quickly at those employers that I burn out very fast. With Novus, although I have risen fairly rapidly, I have burnout, and that is a huge plus to me. 

Whenever I came to Novus, it was kind of a last ditch effort to keep me in the PR realm. I had all of it. Basically said, I'm going to go be a plumber now. I'm done with this. I don't want to do this anymore. It's not fun, it's not challenging. And whenever I met with my manager and I met with my mor, who is Geo, so there you go, Geo. Praise to you. They inspired me. And that's something that I hadn't had in a very long time, probably since my days in college. 

And that inspiration is there every day that Gio and Tricia are in the office. That's something that outside of college. I've never had that experience before, and I really think it's because of this management system, is the reason I feel that way when I look at how I've been inspired in the past and how I have risen as quickly as I have now. 

Looking at it, I think you had mentioned earlier about how it kind of you don't expand above your role. So although there are times when I'm working on things that might be slightly outside, it's not always pushing that envelope to where you do burn out quickly. 

So I really think that the role level kind of prohibits you from burning out. Don't get me wrong, we still work long hours and seven days a week, but the responsibilities and the responsibilities are different. I haven't hit that burnout mark, which usually by now, in two years in a row, I have hit that burnout mark and I just haven't hit it. And I really do think that the reason I haven't hit it is because if you look at a Geo and you look at Trisha, they are an inspiration.

I've had a tendency to, in the past, outperform or surpass from a capacity standpoint and workload responsibilities, managers. I will never pass Geo, ever. The man is amazing. And I probably won't ever pass Tricia because she is equally as amazing. And it's their personalities that really inspire you to want to achieve more. 


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