Social Services Departments

Developing Patterns of Work and Organization


Heinemann Educational Publishers (May 20, 1974)

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Social Services Departments:Developing Patterns of Work and Organization

This book is about Social Services Departments in local authorities. It is concerned with

  • Establishing in realistic and precise terms the work that these Departments should be expected to carry out -what business they are in.
  • Establishing what kinds of organization are necessary to carry out this work, taking into account such factors as size, geographical dispersion, the availability of managerial and specialist skills,the need for professional freedom, the necessity for links With other related agencies, and so on. 

It will form essential reading for all those already concerned with the organization and management of Social Services Departments (particularly now that so many are undergoing radical change and expansion) and also to all those training for social work. More generally,it will be an important source book for students of social administration and because of the insights it provides into the employment of professional people in hierarchic organization for sociologists and organization theorists.

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