Levels of Excellence

A Management Novel

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Julian Fairfield photo

Julian Fairfield

“Julian has always been different.”

“Julian has always asked lots of questions – and he’s often come up with some amazing answers – and then even more interesting questions!”

Perhaps it’s some legacy of living in different cultures (UK, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Africa…). Perhaps it’s a challenging life lived interestingly. Perhaps he was just born that way?

But whether labouring on the factory floor with the workers, or employed as a high flying international management consultant for McKinsey & Co, or contributing to international aid projects as a concerned individual, Julian somehow helps people see things about themselves and the world that sometimes surprise even Julian!

From the brutal harshness of a British boarding school, to the factories of middle America, to international management consultancy, to humanitarian aid worker to successful business entrepreneur, Julian Fairfield is very much a practical “doer” who also just happens to keep thinking about things!


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Julian's thinking has been evolving over the years with changes in technology, the nature of work, and labour force values. 

He is eager to share his more recent articles and books over the coming months. He encourages those who download Levels of Excellence to also download his article on Levels Theory and Holons which he believes points to the next important step.

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