Intelligent Leadership

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Allen & Unwin (August 1, 1997)

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What is Intelligent Leadership? To lead you need authority. That's got nothing to do with charisma, and everything to do with abilities. Authority is earned by showing judgement and by pursuing a worthwhile purpose. Judgement is the ability to make sound decisions when the answer isn't certain. 

That takes intelligence-not the logico-linguistic intelligence that our education systems are designed for, but a broad-band intelligence which understands the complex systems of our productive organisations and societies. Intelligent leadership is successful, lasting leadership. In this remarkable book, Alistair Mant brings alive the two qualities-leadership and intelligence-which count most toward successful lives, enterprises and countries. Intelligent Leadership is an irresistibly perceptive journey.

 It is also a great read, full of inspirational stories of unexpected leaders, the shock of spectacular blunders, arresting metaphors and connections to make sense of them all, and a brimming sense of fun. Mant gives us heroes as diverse as Imo, the little Japanese monkey whose like lies neglected in all of our societies.

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