The Future Is Imagined - Russell John Connor


emp3books (March 6, 2013)

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Russell John Connor's new book focus has been on making the uncertain certain by identifying mechanisms and processes in all these fields evolutionary biologist, economist, social scientist, psychotherapist or management consultant. The Future Is Imagined confronts you with the reality that uncertainty is woven deeply into the fabric of life. At the heart of life and living is a gap in knowledge. Choice is the fundamental atom of life. When uncertainty and choice are brought centre-stage there are profound consequences for the way that we think about life and all living organisms. It radically reshapes how we think about thinking and it alters for good most of what we currently take as evolutionary gospel, applied economics, psychotherapy, best-practice human resource management, organisation design and social policy-making. Revealing and possibly revolutionary! Time, uncertainty and the nature of being are dealt with in an extraordinarily relevant way. Steve Jones, MA Oxon, the author's best friend

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