The Disruptive Competence

The journey to a sustainable business, from matter to meaning

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Compact Publishing; 1st edition (2015)

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If you want to now where disruptive innovation originates from. Internet has fundamentally changed the use of time and space. Quicker access to more consumers and excess supply of information that is accessible to nearly everyone have thoroughly changed the context in which the business sector operates.

While organizations could previously expand their market position over time, they now have to operate in a context in which complexity and changes occur at constantly increasing rates and are becoming the norm. 

Tomorrow is different from yesterday. Disruptive business models destroy traditions and shake entire sectors to their very foundations. Every disruption has a major impact because everything is interconnected. 

The network economy, in which nearly everything is available for nearly everyone, imposes new types of demands on managers. You will find out more about it in this book.

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