The End of Management Alchemy

Some Fun with the Findings of Elliott Jaques and How Requisite Organization Began

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Darwin Mott Consulting Ltd. (February 19, 2016)

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The liberation of our workplaces through humor, reality, and the findings of scientific research are central themes running through these stories. Before modern medicine came blood-letting, leaches, and witch-doctoring. Before physics, the philosopher’s stone and a world that was flat. Currently, the management of our employment systems is stuck in an alchemy-to-science transitional and nonsensical state (like the image on the front cover). 

Alchemy is evident in the management fads that keep coming back around with different names, like unicorns on a carousel. This book puts an end to all that. And it’s about time! 

And it is actually “Time” - the Time Span that a Real Boss states as needed and accurate for a subordinate role (or employee) to perform a Real Task, for example – that turns out to be the great liberator. 

So you can forget about all the passing fads. Let this primer start you on a 10-step journey to a happy and productive hierarchy, with a healthier bottom line.

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