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The Contribution of Complexity of Mental Processing and Stage of Ego Development to Transforming Leadership Glenn Mehltretter
Requisite Organization and Economics: Presentation to the Economics Faculty Kenneth Craddock
Works Councils: A Case Study John Cliffe
An Organizational Planning and Feedback Control Model Incorporating Time-Span of Discretion Tarald O. Kvalseth
Investigating the Optimum Manager-Subordinate Relationship of a Discontinuity Theory of Managerial Organizations Sergey Ivanov, Ph.D.
Time for the Organization Anders Borg
Nivel de predictibilidad de la evaluación de potencial según la teoróía de Elliott Jaques aplicada a una Empresa de Seguros y Servicios Financieros Mariana Karesky
Respondibilidad del Ejecutivo Principal en las Grandes Empresas María Raquel Popovich
Managerial Leadership Capability and Organizational Performance Sandra West King Kauanui
The Exercise of Discretion in the Work of Nursing
Dissertation: 1989, DPA, University of Southern California, California, United States
Wilsie Bishop
Levels of Work and Responsibility in Public Libraries
by David Boals, 1985, Ph.D. (Library Science), University of Southern California, United States
An Examination of Levels of Work in Academic Library Technical Services Departments Utilizing Time-Stratified Systems Theory Donald Gould
Members One of Another - The Deanery in Synodical Government Gillian Stamp
Individual Risk Preferences as Criteria in Personnel Selection and Placement
Dissertation: 1978, Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. USA
Roy Martin Richards
The Dynamic Inter-Relationships Among Work, Payment and Capacity Edna Homa Hunt (Deceased)

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Anne Stephen, VP HR Torex Gold Resources Inc.

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A management consulting firm in Toronto
Terra Firma Consulting
Forrest and Company
AMG Consulting
Enhancer Consulting
The Working Journey
Quintave Consulting