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Peter Mills
The Leadership Framework Pty Limited

Director of the Leadership Framework Pty Limited. ‘The Leadership Framework’ is a holistic and fully integrated model of principles and concepts for managing people. At the frameworks foundation is ‘Requisite Organization’.

The Leadership Framework provides the platform for all business improvement initiatives whether they be to reduce costs or improve customer services. When implemented organisations have one model and one set of principles and practices to improve managerial leadership, implement business strategy, improve business processes, improve staff engagement, change culture manage talent and much more.

Peter has over 30 years experience in  human resources and has worked in a range of industries including utilities, engineering, manufacturing, investment, business equipment/IT and petroleum. He has held senior HR roles in organisations such as Sydney Water, Canon, Warman International and Caltex Oil.

Peter was also on the Board of Water Aid Australia for four years.

Peter has excelled in many areas won awards including

  • Women in Leadership - [email protected] Awards
  • Work life balance - [email protected] Awards
  • Best Graduate intake Program HR Leadership Awards
  • Best Change Management strategy - HR Leadership Awards
  • Entry Level Program (Finalist) - International Water Association - Professional Development Award
  • Best HR Strategic Plan - HR Leadership Awards
  • Best Talent Management Strategy - HR Leadership Awards
  • Best Employment Branding Strategy - HR Leadership Awards
  • Employer of Choice (over 1000 staff) - HR Leadership Awards
  • Best Recruitment and Retention Strategy (Highly Commended) - HR Leadership Awards

Published a book - 'Leading People - the 10 things successful managers know and do' in 2015


Degrees and cert
  • BA (Psych) from Macquarie University

Companies that provide financial support

Anne Stephen, VP HR Torex Gold Resources Inc.

Consulting firms that provide financial support

A management consulting firm in Toronto
Terra Firma Consulting
Forrest and Company
AMG Consulting
Enhancer Consulting
The Working Journey
Quintave Consulting