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Jack Fallow
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Jack Fallow has a portfolio approach to his work, most recently balancing the chairmanship of an engineering services company with an active consultancy practice. He was a trustee and director of Bioss for eight years.?

His early career was in British Steel. Active in the trade union, he eventually became an Industrial Relations Officer. In 1978, He joined British Gas as personnel manager.?

In BG, he held director level posts in Operations, Human Resources, Service and International Strategy. He originated the concept of a Company Charter to integrate Governance, Strategy, Values and Behaviour. From BG, he was seconded to the UK government Home Office.?

In May '96, he founded GasForce Ltd, an employee owned business.?

Jack is also involved in Strategy, HR and Business Excellence consultancy. He is a founder director of The Centre for Organisation Effectiveness and Chairman of Newloop Ltd, an interactive media and TV production company. His newest role is as Development Director of Sepha Ltd, a Northern Ireland company specializing in Blisterpacking for the pharmaceutical industry.?

He is a member of the Council of Brunel University. His 'academic' interests include the complexity sciences and their impact on leadership and governance values, and the differences in culture between public sector and commercial organisations. In 2003/4 he was a co-chair of the UK Cabinet Office's Top Management Programme.?

Interested in music, he is proud to be a director of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of the UK. He is a Trustee of the Trinity Forum (Europe) a US based leadership 'Academy without Walls'.

Degrees and cert
  • BA
  • MUniv
GO Society Roles
  • Board Member (2005-Present)
  • Internation Advisor - United Kingdom (2005-present)

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