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Piet Calitz
Managing Director
BIOSS International Limited
Piet is MD of BIOSS International Limited, registered in the UK.

BIOSS has a proud history dating back to 1967, with a footprint that includes Australia, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. BIOSS was started when Dr. Elliott Jaques founded the Brunel Institute of Organisation and Social Studies (BIOSS) on the Brunel University campus. At the time it was one of the early self-financing institutes combining empirical research and consultancy. He was succeeded in the mid 1980s by Dr. Gillian Stamp, at which stage the work spread inter alia to Australia, Africa, Papa New Guinea, and Asia.

Drawing on a robust body of knowledge, diverse global experience and an international community of practice, the members of the BIOSS community work in partnership with national as well as multi-national organisations operating across most industries, public sector organisations and voluntary / not-for-profit institutions.

In his global role, Piet is challenged by global / regional differences across divergent host cultures with regard to inter alia commercial arrangements, maintaining ethics and standards of the use of the BIOSS technologies by licensed partners. Extending the global footprint of BIOSS and encouraging the appropriate use of the technologies is a key strategic driver of the business and a core focus of his energy.

Piet is an innovative pragmatist with a philosophical bent, and believes in healthy traditions. Previous experience includes OD, generalist HR and consultant positions, as well as serving as MD and later as Chair of BIOSS Southern Africa.

His approach is aimed at encouraging reflection and insight, often by challenging mindsets and assumptions.
Degrees and cert
  • Masters - Industrial and Organizational Psychology
GO Society Roles
  • Board Member (2005-2007)
  • Internation Advisor - South Africa (2005-present)

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