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Paul Holmström
Paul Holmström Management AB

Paul Holmström has extensive industrial experience after 15 years with Volvo, Saab and BASF. He worked in both managerial and executive functions within marketing, business development and strategic planning. Since 1988 he has been active as a consultant initially primarily with change management, lately mainly working with organizational audits, design and effectiveness. He has consulted with industry, services and public authorities, since 1996 extensively within health care.

In the early nineties Paul was trained in systems theory and the viable system model, as described by Stafford Beer. Shortly afterwards, he was introduced to Requisite Organization by CPA-trained colleagues. Since then he has used systems theory and RO principles in several organizational studies and interventions. He has had the opportunity to attend short seminars held by Elliott and had a personal workshop with Elliott Jaques.

Degrees and certifications

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Masters - Systems Thinking and Modeling
  • Ph.D student - Systems Thinking and System Dynamics modeling and simulation

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