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Summary: This piece touches upon Dr. Oliveira's personal and professional explorations and ultimately how Requisite Organization was introduced into his career.
(An Executive's Guide to RO-based Organizational Design) by Maurice Dutrisac, Herb Kopolowitz, and Kenneth O. Shepard Translated by: Decio Fabio de Oliveira Jr. & Wilma C.G. Oliveira
A Theory Based Approach
Beginning of Theoretical Foundations  
Theory's Application to the Organizations, Modern Society, and the Organization of Democracy  
Preliminary Results of Research-in-Progress  
Teams, Software, Databases, Telecommunications and Innovations
(The Gap at The Top: The Middle-Management Void as a Limit to The Growth of Small Entrepreneurial Organizations) Precis
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Kenneth Craddock and Herb Koplowitz By members' requests, your  Global RO FAQ page  delivered in PDF format.
Exploring Levels of Work in organizations From The Advocates' Quarterly - A Canadian Journal for Practitioners of Civil Litigation, Vol 4 No 3, Oct/1983 Summary:
Go Conference - 2005 Proceeding Summary:
Go Conference - 2005 Proceeding Summary:
This article first appeared in the journal Organisations & People Vol 12 No 3, Aug. 2005, published by the Association for Management Education & Development (AMED), Cambridge, UK.
Exploring Levels of Work in organisations This article originally appeared in the University of Auckland Business Review - Vol. 7 N. 2, 2005, and is reprinted here with their kind permission.
Boards should focus on maximizing long-term strategies This article orginally appeared in the National Post. Summary:
Requisite Organization theory claims that it can bring about profound organizational change, with substantial increases both in productivity and in well-being at the workplace, within a short time and at very low cost.
Related website: Summary:

Major organizations and consulting firms that provide Requisite Organization-based services

A global association of academics, managers, and consultants that focuses on spreading RO implementation practices and encouraging their use
Dr. Gerry Kraines, the firms principal, combines Harry Levinson's leadership frameworks with Elliott Jaques's Requisite Organization. He worked closely with Jaques over many years, has trained more managers in these methods than anyone else in the field, and has developed a comprehensive RO-based software for client firms.
Founded as an assessment consultancy using Jaques's CIP methods, the US-based firm expanded to talent pool design and management, and managerial leadership practice-based work processes
Former RO-experienced CEO, Ron Harding, provides ooaching to CEOs of start-ups and small and medium-size companies that are exploring their own use of RO concepts.  His role is limited, temporary and coordinated with the RO-based consultant working with the organization
Ron Capelle is unique in his multiple professional certifications, his implementation of RO concepts through well designed organization development methods, and his research documenting the effectiveness of his firm's interventions
A Toronto requisite organization-based consultancy with a wide range of executive coaching, training, organization design and development services.
A Sweden-based consultancy, Enhancer practices time-span based analysis, executive assessment, and provides due diligence diagnosis to investors on acquisitions.
Founded by Gillian Stamp, one of Jaques's colleagues at Brunel, the firm modified Jaques;s work-levels, developed the Career Path Appreciation method, and has grown to several hundred certified assessors in aligned consulting firms world-wide recently expanding to include organization design
Requisite Organization International Institute distributes Elliott Jaques's books, papers, and videos and provides RO-based training to client organizations