Leading People

The 10 Things Successful Managers Know and Do

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GOKO Publishing; 2 edition (March 31, 2016)

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To meet the challenges of today’s work environment, all employees must be focused on achieving business goals, with managers creating a work environment where personal effectiveness and continuous improvement is sought by all. However, often this is not the case. Managerial leadership is becoming more and more based on fads and personality and, even when ‘trained’, managers are using conflicting models.

This book provides managers with a holistic and integrated approach to people management. It treats leadership as something everyone can learn and understand. The principles and practices are not fuzzy or soft. They are based on scientific research and the author’s three decades of human resources and senior management experience, leading team members in their leadership journey and advising and coaching CEOs and managers across a range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, investment, business equipment / IT, petroleum and utilities. This book defines what successful managers must be, must know and must do to lead their team effectively.

These principles and practices:

  • Set the standard expected of managers. 
  • Defines the expectations of team members and the requirements of the working relationship with the manager’s manager.
  • Enable managers to create the conditions for productive work.
  • Enable managers to create effective working relationships between technical specialists and planners in their own team and corporate specialist functions, such as finance and human resources.
  • Provide a toolkit to address day-to-day challenges. 
  • Provide a framework for diagnosing organisational and leadership problems faced every day.
  • Gives managers a checkpoint against which they can assess themselves.

Using a logical approach each chapter shows managers how to be successful, has a chapter summary of the principles and tips on how to get started. They will guide managers in their day to day work, in a way that builds trust, balancing the mind and the heart.

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