The Smart Creative

Finding, Developing and Keeping Leaders for the Digital Age by Bonnie Fowke and Don Fowke

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Learn how to identify, develop, challenge, and retain the managerial and technical leadership your company needs to succeed in the 21st century.  Meet the smart creative, understand their developmental needs in a way you can be sure to keep them growing and power your company’s growth.

This is human resource strategy at its scientific best. At a time when the brightest programmer, systems engineer, or skilled manager can yield an order of magnitude greater productivity than the average, here is the key to unlocking the brainpower you need to succeed.

Don Fowke and Bonnie Fowke
Don Fowke and Bonnie Fowke

Don and Bonnie Fowke are seasoned management consultants. They focus on excellent organization which aligns people with strategy. They serve executives across a broad range of industries. Their deep experience builds on Don’s education in industrial management at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and Bonnie’s education at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. They practice as members of The New Management Network, and live in Toronto.

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