Timespan handbook

The Use of Time-Span of Discretion to Measure the Level of Work in Employment Roles and to Arrange an Equitable Payment Structure (Glacier project series)


Heinemann; First Edition edition (1964)

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It is the aim of this handbook to describe in a practical manner the technique of time-span measurement of level of work and its application to the fixing of payment levels for specific roles. The handbook is concerned with nothing but the practical aspects of time-span measurement.

The book is written in four main parts.

  • Part One sets out the main concepts required for time-span measurement and for the associated equitable payment structure.
  • Part Two outlines the technique of measurement.
  • Part Three gives many examples of time-span measurement, to illustrate some of the main points to be taken into account in measuring a wide range of roles at all levels.
  • Part Four sets out the structure of equitable payment levels - in pound sterling - connected with time-span, and indicates how to approach the task of transporting these into other currencies.

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