Organization alignment

Organization alignment :

Four years at Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

The Issue:

In late September, 2007 George Weber was recruited to be the interim CEO of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group. He found an organization in significant disarray: functions operating in silos, a significant lack of focus, major financial issues, significant union dissatisfaction, unreasonable spans of control for front line supervisors, initiatives lacked coherence or alignment, and non-existent corporate priorities.

The Intervention:

Capelle Associates was engaged to complete an organization design review. The review included all 1,692 employees, of whom 48 were managers. The objectives were to develop an accurate picture of the current design, determine opportunities for improvement, and provide recommendations for a more optimal organization design. Following the acceptance of the assessment report, Capelle Associates was engaged to support the implementation.


ROHCG was designed as a Stratum 5 organization with four Stratum 4 functions. Thirty Suggested Actions recommended changes in a number of areas: ensuring consistent titles; clarifying accountabilities and authorities; Talent Pool to match people to positions; managerial leadership development; program silos; team building, particularly with multidisciplinary teams; organization planning and review; significant reduction of corporate teams, committees and councils; and the relationship between its two campuses. In March 2011 an implementation evaluation showed that many Suggested Action were completed, and a framework was in place for completing the implementation. Findings included:

  • Vertical alignment at Strata 5, 4 and 3, as measured by Time Span was requisite with the exception of one direct report of one Vice President;
  • Work on 86.7% of the Suggested Actions is virtually complete or more than half completes;
  • Respondents to the evaluation survey scored ROHCG’s having leading edge organization design practices at 7.3 on a 10-point Likert scale;
  • Work environment factors have increased dramatically from 2008 to 2010 as measured by the Worklife Pulse survey.

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George Weber,  former CEO


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Anne Stephen, VP HR Torex Gold Resources Inc.

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A management consulting firm in Toronto
Terra Firma Consulting
Forrest and Company
AMG Consulting
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