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A New Test for Director Liability From The Corporate Governance Advisor - Nov/2004 Summary:
From The Corporate Board - Jan/2005 Summary:
With Janet Langford Kelly From Directorship magazine - March 2005 Summary:
Boards should focus on maximizing long-term strategies This article orginally appeared in the National Post. Summary:
With Janet Langford Kelly This Article (Corporate Governance Advisor - May-June/2005) is the first article in a 3 part series in the Corporate Governance Advisor. Summary:
From Organisations & People, Vol 12 No 1, February 2005 Related website: Summary:
Uncertainty and decision-making in management and governance
Reality HR: April Taggart on Organization Design April Taggart is Vice President of Human Resources for the Bank of Montreal's 17,000 employee-strong Personal and Commercial Client Group.
Bob Smith had a problem.
Reality HR: John Young on Individual Weakness and Organization Design John Young is the recently retired Executive Vice President, Human Resources of the esteemed Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.
Index Requisite supporters in the US Army
When Tony Stark joined Specialty Chemicals, a division of Conglomerate, Inc., the group had netted merely 0.2% growth over the last seven years. After one year, Stark reached double-digit growth that continues today.
Exploring Levels of Work in organisations This article originally appeared in the University of Auckland Business Review - Vol. 7 N. 2, 2005, and is reprinted here with their kind permission.
Exploring Levels of Work in organizations From The Advocates' Quarterly - A Canadian Journal for Practitioners of Civil Litigation, Vol 4 No 3, Oct/1983 Summary:
Go Conference - 2005 Proceeding Summary:
This article first appeared in the journal Organisations & People Vol 12 No 3, Aug. 2005, published by the Association for Management Education & Development (AMED), Cambridge, UK.

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Anne Stephen, VP HR Torex Gold Resources Inc.

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A management consulting firm in Toronto
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