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The following senior managers have been identified as sponsors of organization design and management based on levels of work complexity, levels of human capability and accountability:


Financial services

Robert Pearce
Former President & CEO,
Personal & Commercial
Client Group

BMO Financial Services

Timothy Hart
CFO & Treasurer,
First National of Nebraska


Jos J. Winterman
Former CEO
Canadian Tire Acceptance 


Information technology

Roberto Wagmaister 
Grupo Assa

Andres D'Alessio

Modesto Miguez
Ingeniero CPP,
Central de Monitoreo


George Weber
Secretary-General Emeritus
International Federation of
Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies  
George Weber
President & CEO
Royal Ottawa Health Group 
  Judith Shamian
President & CEO
VON Canada

John Watkinson
Former Managing Director
of three award winning hospitals
in the UK Public Health Service


Heavy manufacturing      
  Denis Turcotte
Former CEO
Algoma Steel    
  Raul Timerman
Former President
  Arturo Acevedo
  Arthur (Art) Mann 
Donsco Inc. 
  Carlos Leone
Former CEO
  Mark Kaminski
Former CEO
Commonwealth Aluminum 
  Wilfred Brown
Former Chairman & CEO 
Glacier Metal Company 

  Sir Roderick Carnegie
Former CEO
  Leigh Clifford
Former CEO
Rio Tinto
  Mark Cutifani
Anglo American
former CEO
AngloGold Ashanti  
  Adrienne Nickerson
Director of Operations, 
Canadian Oil Sands
  Anne Marie Toutant
VP Optimization & Integration
Suncor Energy Inc
  Michael MacSween
VP Major Projects,
Suncor Energy Inc

  Grant Beck     
President & CEO, 
The Graham Group 
 Tom Baxter Tom Baxter
Former President
The Graham Group

 Peter Mills Peter Mills    
General Manager HR
Sydney Water 
  John Fielder
Southern California Edison 
  Jason Tratch
Galex Group  


Agricultural services

Thad Simons
President & CEO 
Novus International
Giovanni Gasperoni
Former Executive VP Marketing and Sales,
Novus International
Joe Privott
Former CEO
Novus International 


Chemical and allied products

Ron J. Harding
Former President, 
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.



General Maxwell R. Thurman
Training and Doctrine Commander
U.S Army  

Lt. General Alcide LaNoue
Surgeon General 
U.S Army

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
U.S Army

Ruth Hubbard
Former Deputy Minister
Public Service Commission of Canada
Michael A. Kirby
Deputy Under Secretary 
U.S Army 
Tom Kelly
Deputy Under Secretary
U.S Army


Non for profit / Common good organizations

George Weber
Secretary-General Emeritus

International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies  
George Weber
President & CEO
Royal Ottawa Health 
Judith Shamian
President & CEO
VON Canada
John Morgan
Lead Pastor
Pinon Hills Church


Major organizations and consulting firms that provide Requisite Organization-based services

A global association of academics, managers, and consultants that focuses on spreading RO implementation practices and encouraging their use
Dr. Gerry Kraines, the firms principal, combines Harry Levinson's leadership frameworks with Elliott Jaques's Requisite Organization. He worked closely with Jaques over many years, has trained more managers in these methods than anyone else in the field, and has developed a comprehensive RO-based software for client firms.
Ron Capelle is unique in his multiple professional certifications, his implementation of RO concepts through well designed organization development methods, and his research documenting the effectiveness of his firm's interventions
Former RO-experienced CEO, Ron Harding, provides coaching to CEOs of start-ups and small and medium-size companies that are exploring their own use of RO concepts.  His role is limited, temporary and coordinated with the RO-based consultant working with the organization
Founded by Gillian Stamp, one of Jaques's colleagues at Brunel, the firm modified Jaques;s work-levels, developed the Career Path Appreciation method, and has grown to several hundred certified assessors in aligned consulting firms world-wide recently expanding to include organization design
Requisite Organization International Institute distributes Elliott Jaques's books, papers, and videos and provides RO-based training to client organizations